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Central ironing and vacuum TOTAL CLEAN ECO-DE® ECO-355


TOTAL CLEAN ECO-DE®, disinfects, descales, clean grease off, sanitizes, and removes dust particles, germs and mites and their eggs from any surface without damaging it. Only with water steam and without using chemicals or detergents!

TOTAL CLEAN ECO-DE® is a powerful vacuum for solids and liquids, eco designed to remove all kinds of dirtiness.  Picks up dirty air killing all germs and bacteria type and returns clean and purified air to the outside.

TOTAL CLEAN ECO-DE® introduces a novelty to traditional vacuum cleaners; they do not use a bag, which prevents breakage or loss of power, apart from saving its cost.

TOTAL CLEAN ECO-DE® uses the most hygienic and natural resource: steam power to 150° and 4, 5 bar pressure!!

The steam penetrates everywhere, cleaning the grease off and disinfecting any object or surface in an easy, efficient, eco-friendly and definite manner, even the most difficult places such as window seals, blinds, lamps, the rear of the wardrobe, among others. 

TOTAL CLEAN ECO-DE® is the most eco-friendly, modern and complete system that combines all the advantages of a high performance steam engine with all the advantages of solid and liquid particles vacuum filter without maintenance that, besides, can purify the air and iron in a professional way like in a dry cleaner.


Technical parameters:

Power: 2600W (Aspiration: 1000W, steam: 1600W)

Ironing power: 800W

Steam pressure: 4, 5

Steam output: 30G/MIN

Boiler capacity: 2L

Battery: 60 MINS

Max air flow: 3M/ MIN

Max suction: 19KPA

Max efficiency: 36%


 70 x 36 x 30 cm / 13 KG


65 x 43 x 39 cm / 15 kg