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Massage mattress ECO-DE® 3D

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MATTRESS FOR ECO-DE® 3D, The effective mattress ever made!

With the new ECO-DE® 3D mattress discover the pleasure of experiencing a professional massage resting peacefully without leaving your mattress.

 It is the only mattress that integrates up to 16 high-tech vibromotors able to massage the neck, lower back, back and legs.

 5 automatic programs, 3 levels of intensity and heat treatment back. The combination of viscoelastic material and 3D tissu maintains the correct alignment of the spine and body throughout the rest.


The massage mattress ECO-DE® 3D facilitates the air movement, using our own weight when you turn or change your posture and 3D tissue regulates the air, the humidity and the hygiene. Its 8 cms of memory foam provides an extraordinary feeling of weightlessness improving sleep quality.

It removes neck pain, contractures, back pain, stress and fatigue. Insomnia, improve movement and quality of sleep.

A mattress suitable for people with rheumatism, arthritis, scoliosis...

The mattress ECO-DE ® 3D combines up to 16 vibromotors with 5 modes, 4 different programs and 3 massage intensities.

The result is an unique experience when you rest.



. 90 x 190 cm

. 105 x 190 cm

. 135 x 190 cm

. 150 x 190 cm


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