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Ceramic set knife 4 pieces ECO-DE ECO-018


A ceramic set of knives with high quality ceramic-plated together with vegetable and fruit peeler included. Comfortable and ergonomic handle with soft touch.

Presentation in box with magnetic closure 

The Cocidiet ceramic knives are anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-magnetic and anti-allergenic. They do not rust, do not alter the taste of food, and support the acidity of almost all foods, maintaining the flavour and appearance. Lightweight and easy to use, ceramic knives have an easy use for peeling, cutting vegetables, fruits and salads or meats, fish, slicing sausages, hams, etc ..

The Cocidiet ceramic knives do not need sharpening and its blade lasts 10 times longer than a stainless steel knife. They are easy to clean; just rinse with water and dry with a towel.

The blades of the Cocidiet ceramic knives have great bending resistance, stability and homogeneity.

Its ergonomic handle provides a good grip. They require no special maintenance, only recommended not to cut or hit harsh elements.

The set consists of 4 pieces:

. 1 Universal knife of 7.5 cm of blade 3”

. 1 Universal Knife of 10cm of blade 4”

. 1 Universal knife of 12.5 cm of blade 5”

. 1 peeler for vegetables and fruits


Colour box 30x4, 5x22 cm 250 gr

Groupage 30x4, 5x22 cm 250 gr