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Fitness vertical Inversor ECO-DE ® relieves your back, especially lower back and strengthens abdominal muscles.
It helps stretch the spine and helps stretch the muscles. Incorporates safety belts. Added security and safety during exercise
Height adjustable Control. It has the ability to adjust the inverter to each type of user by their use is very simple
It has maximum vertical inclination of 89 º. Comfortable foot supports with foam pads. it can be save any space
Use it also to work your abs and many more exercises in reverse.
It promotes the elongation of muscles and hold their shape stimulating circulation with the investor.
Sit back, relax and let the inverter eliminates the daily stress of your muscles. The system anchor, makes investment a safe
and convenient and can easily change the center of gravity, varying the difficulty as it moves up and down in an inverted
position. Using the investor-DE ® ECO is one of the best ways to stretch your spine, especially if you suffer from overload.
The investment bank promotes relaxation of the muscles responsible for back pain and allows
stay in peak physical stimulating circulation.
- Recommended Maximum User Weight: 130 Kg
- Maximum User Height: 1.90 cm

- Medidas:  159 x 67 x 182 cm/ 21 kgrs

caja 130x26x78 cms 18 kgrs