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Multiexercises ECO-DE®, ECO-HG029


Top pulley exercises for triceps and back.
. Multifunction lower pulley exercises for biceps, deltoids, glutes, back, abductors, adductors and trapezoids. Leg extension.
. Bench Press: To develop the pecs, shoulders, anterior deltoids.
. Butterfly: To work in defining the chest, just between the two pecs.
. High Pulley: For the development of the arms, back and chest.
. To work bending and exemption from the legs, Ischia and reinforce the quadriceps.
. Low Pulley Leg Developper
. Military Press: development of the shoulders, to strengthen the deltoids and trapezius.
. A backup Super Wide, comfortable system.
. Optimal alignment of the body to work effectively strengthening your abs.
. The foam support is very dense and ensure comfort and stability during the year ..
. Includes weights (Total 45kgs) to exercising from day one.
. Reinforced steel chassis.
. Load fairing.
. Antibacterial upholstery.
. Forward transmission with steel ball bearing pulleys.
. Ability to perform multiple exercises different.
- Structure and Comfort: Construction of the chassis steel.
- A device with pulley and cable Systems for fluid, very good finish, which offers a load suited to all users.

220x110x198 cms / 58 kgrs

 4 cajas:

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Medidas / Measures Peso/Weight
1caja 197x23x57cms 45 Kgrs
1caja 197x23x57cms 30 Kgrs
1caja 38x18x23cms 15 Kgrs
1caja 38x18x28cms 15 Kgrs