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Feet Massager ‘Vidafir’ ECO-4000


Feet are one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the human body. At our feet is reflected every part of our body and through them it is possible to access those parts of our body using reflexology.

With Vidafir ECO-DE ®, you’ll enjoy a massage in an easy and comfortable way.

Combines vibrating massage (reflexology) with infrared heat technology (thermotherapy, Far infrared FIR). You can also benefit from the properties of its heat tempered glass, and combining all functions at once, your experience will be more enjoyable and relaxing.


Its benefits are numerous:




 Eliminates foot pain, fatigue, swelling of the legs and cold feet syndrome


. Increases blood flow, stimulates circulation.


. Relieves muscle tension


. Recovers vitality


. Eliminates stress and nervous tension


. Supports muscle relaxation


. Enhances metabolism


. It can be used in various parts of our body, hands, upper thighs, calves, back...


The heat produced by the infrared VIDAFIR ECO-DE ®, efficiently helps to improve circulation blood. It also frees the body of accumulated toxins through perspiration.