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Steam Frego mop ECO-DE® ECO-352



Steam Frego mop ECO-DE® is designed to clean and disinfect any floor: ceramic, stone, linoleum, even wood and parquet in a single wipe.

In contact with floor, dirt and grime are removed in seconds; it is the most powerful portable steam cleaner.

Steam mop Frego ECO-DE® has the ability to clean areas of your home such as; bathrooms, kitchen, toys, carpets, and even where pets sleep in seconds reducing thus the time you invest in the daily cleaning of your home.

Lightweight and portable mop that works with pressurised steam. 100% effective; ensures the complete removal of bacteria and germs in your home.

It incorporates an ultra absorbent microfiber cloth retaining dirtiness softened by the heat and pressure of the steam.

Head designed to carefully clean the most delicate surfaces. Deodorizes, sanitizes and increases cleaning power of water turning it into steam.

It also uses microfiber cloths for floors to maximize absorbency.

Instant steam

Led steam control

Adjustable and directional steam head

Microfiber 2-piece head


1200W continuous/ low consumption steam

Extra large 500ml tank

Product Dimensions: 111x28x14cm / 2kgrs

Export Packaging box: 66x43x39 cm / 12kgrs

4 export box/ pallet – 48 products / pallet