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ECO-DE® Tens Unit ECO-308


ECO-DE® stimulator uses pulses that mimic the action potential from the central nervous system to cause muscle contraction. Moreover, it can be used to recover injuries, gain muscle tone and lose weight.

After a session, you will feel your muscles relaxed giving you a more restful sleep.

ECO-DE® Tens Unit will stimulate your muscles from the inside to de-stress them, helping you to get a deep resting.

ECO-DE® stimulator helps injury treatment strengthening weak parts of the body. Its various programs have 2 adjustable independent channels and 6 areas of action that will help your whole body to relax much better.

Thanks to its 4 adhesive pads, it allows to exercise almost every muscle from the body dividing them into localised zones.

Slims, tones up and removes pains.

It comes all packed in a compact bag!

• Transformer suitable for plug TYPE F
• USB charger
• 4 BATTERIES * 1.5v
• Manual in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese.


19x3.5 cm / 500 g

Box 30x9, 5x15 cm 900 g

Packaging 52x32x33 cm 11, 5 kg