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Vacuum cleaner with blower (fan-ventilator) ECO-DE ECO-354


Vacuum cleaner blower wet and dry ECO-DE® absorbs all type of particles, making of vacuuming a more efficient task, both on floor and on air. The cyclonic system makes vacuum cleaners not to lose suction power, this means that, the absorbing power does not descend in any moment, and therefore can catch even the smallest specks. Thanks to this system you can suck up both liquids and solids.


.Captures most of the dust by water filtration system

.Wet and dry Powerful suction

.Washable HEPA filter

.Variable speed control

.No need of dust bag, environmentally friendly

.Large detachable water tank of high capacity

.Air Blower function

.Floor brush, water squeegee, corners suction nozzle, fabric/cloth brush, feather duster

 . Clean all surfaces.

 . High power and high absorption capacity

 . Ideal for floors, carpets, rugs and hard to reach areas




.Large number of accessories included for vacuum and blowing.

.Vacuums liquids and solids


. 45x35 cm / 8 KG


. 37,5x37,5x52 cm / 9 kgs