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Mattress ECO-DE® Baicent Fleur de Lavande

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For a better body adjustment without pressure and enjoy the rest we have combined the best properties of different viscoelastic materials, VSS and 3D tissue; and a novel integrated massage system that will keep the correct alignment of the spine and body during the break, and in turn, reduce pressure points.

Fleur de Lavande Baicent ECO-DE® features 3D breathable fabric that facilitates lateral movement and air exchange using our own inertia when we turn or change of posture. 3D fabric that regulates the air, moisture and hygiene, thanks to its anti mites, hypoallergenic and breathable treatment.

The sleep system Baicent Fleur de Lavande ECO-DE® not use springs and ensures maximum adaptability and comfort with an ergonomic and anatomical design applied technology balanced distribution of pressures and formas.Utiliza the best natural and ecological components that provide maximum breathability and correct posicióndel body, absorbing the movements.