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Batidora licuadora ECO-DE® DIETA MIX ECO-398


Blender “Dieta Mix” ECO-DE®
“Dieta Mix” blender ECO-DE®, is a juicer and smoothie maker that blends all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
The blending cup has both, a base cover and an airtight cover with tap, which allows you to take your juice or smoothie anywhere.
Very fast and easy cleaning.
“The most powerful way to up our mineral consumption is to consume a plant-based drink every day, by either blending or juicing vegetables and fruit together”

It Includes:

• 1 flat stainless steel blade.
• 1 blade stainless steel cross.
• 2 large glasses (1 / 2L)
• 1 small glass (1 / 4L) for milling
• 2 covers for the bases of the vessels
• 2 tight lids cap


MEDIDAS PRODUCTO 30 x 12 x12 cm

MEDIDAS CAJA / MEAS. BOX 30.5x13x25 cm / 2 kg

GRUPAJE 12/ Producto Caja: 1 / Palet: 96