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Matress ECO-DE® Visco gel Unic 2 carbon Massager ALL SIZES

90x190 cm 15kgs MEDIUM FIRM - €400.00

105x190 cm 16kgs MEDIUM FIRM - €420.00

135x190 cm 17kgs MEDIUM FIRM - €450.00

150x190 cm 18kgs MEDIUM FIRM - €450.00

90x200 cm 15kgs MEDIUM FIRM - €420.00

105x200 cm 16kgs MEDIUM FIRM - €450.00

135x200 cm 17kgs MEDIUM FIRM - €475.00

150x200 cm 18kgs MEDIUM FIRM - €500.00

 Visco gel Unic 2 carbon Massager

Advanced technology mattress for the best rest. Made with the smart materials to make a unique experience of your rest.
The visco gel and high quality memory foam, combined with activated carbon, give an excellent adaptability to your body by aligning perfectly the spine and optimizing the sleep.
Visco gel provides optimal cooling sensation which delays absorption of body heat. Enjoy the best rest, you deserve it.

CORE: 22cm ELIOCEL / PUR 25kg
SIDE 1: Quilted fabric with STRECH tissue Carbon fiber
3 cm memory foam:
+ 1.5 cm ViscoGEL
+ 1.5 cm Soft S.S.
SIDE 2: Quilted fabric + 3D air tissue
+ Fireproof fiber (UNE 23727)
HEIGHT MATTRESS: 26/28 cm (+/- 1cm)

Visco GEL 3D provides an optimal sensation of freshness

slowing the absorption of body heat. During our
hours of sleep and contact with the resting surface,
does not reach the high temperatures that if it gives us
a common viscoelastic.
Dispels the concentration of heat points in the zones of
contact maintaining a uniform temperature.
Maximizes breathability, evacuates moisture avoiding
Sweating and odors helping prolonged rest
and without interruptions.

NUCLEO: 22cm of ELIOCEL / PUR 25kg
FACE 1: Quilted with STRECH Carbon Fiber fabric
3 cms of viscoelastic:
+ 1.5 cm ViscoGEL
+ 1.5 cm Soft S.S.
FACE 2: Padding with 3D air fabric
+ Fireproof Fiber (Norma UNE 23727)
FINISHED HEIGHT: 26/28 cm (+ -1)