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ECO-725 Respaldo de masaje ECO-DE®


The ECO-DE ® ECO-725 backrest for shiatsu massage is like having a masseuse
Professional 24 hours a day for you. The backrest of Shiatsu massage with infrared has 4 rotating massage heads that adapt completely to you.
Also with the built-in control panel you will feel all the power of relaxation in your hands.
In addition, it has a leading infrared technology that will provide a penetrating heat to reactivate your blood circulation, as well as to complete a massage more effectively

The ECO-DE® remote control
allows you to select everything
moment the area to massage
(I can choose between 3), the type
of massage (automatic, to vibration),
and the use or not of infrared heat.

Vibratory system
• 4 infrared massage heads
• 1 vibrating massage head
• remote control
• 3 independent massage areas

Measures product 75x45 cm