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The electro stimulator for ECO-DE® breasts will make your breasts increase naturally and without having to go through the operating room. Activates blood circulation, which helps cell renewal and the production of hormones. The electro stimulator for ECO-DE® breasts will cause the progressive growth of the breasts, improving their firmness and toning.

Keeps the ligaments of the chest firm and healthy through electro-stimulating massages, improving
appearance. It is a totally safe technique, without side effects.
With 15 minutes a day for 4 or 5 days a week is enough to progressively increase
the size of the breasts
It has 5 massage modes with which to increase and improve the appearance of the chest, and 16 levels of intensity, to adapt the vibration to the comfort of each person.
It is totally painless, ideal to use while you are at home doing other tasks.