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Place in a pleasant, comfortable and easy way.
It works by transmitting a signal of movement to the human skin to shape the abdominal muscles,
promote blood circulation and accelerate the burning of fat with low frequency current that can be adjusted
both in force and in mode to meet different needs.
Although the product is powered by lithium battery, we have the required responsibility to remind you that
Stop using when you feel uncomfortable.
Those people with special physical conditions such as pregnant women, the elderly, children and carriers of
Pacemakers should not use the massager

Functional characteristics
* Fits your abdominal curve with a nice ergonomic design
* A combined highly efficient energy field combined
with three media including massage, low frequency pulse
and magnetic effect.
* Massage has functions such as acceleration of
blood circulation and acceleration of fat
and can be adjusted to low, medium or high temperature
(at your choice depending on the ambient temperature).
* Two massage combinations with electrostimulation
auto and four manual massage
with electro-stimulation are available with a better
* Embedded magnets help improve the
* More secure, reliable and convenient due to the source
Lithium battery power supply.
* Fast charging feature based on USB