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ECO-370 Aspirador Multi-cyclone

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Absolut Multy Ciclone Vacuum Cleaner, Double HEPA filtered sled vacuum. Purify the air by eliminating 99.9% of allergens, your most hygienic home. Professional accessories: Textile brush: ideal for collecting surfaces such as sofas, curtains, armchairs, chairs Broom accessory: ideal for all types of floors, includes two wheels and brush for easy movement. Rectangular mouth: windows and angular surfaces, corners, angles on the ceiling .... Auto rotating brush: brush with automatic rotation as well as electric ones, allows to collect both solid and pet hair with maximum efficiency. Turbo engine with power regulation. Its new generation engine allows with 900 watts of power to generate the suction of 2500 watt motors. Energy consumption TRIPLE A Bronze metallic telescopic tube. Advanced cyclonic air and dirt separation system. Tank capacity: 2.5 Wide working capacity. Cable pick-up system: with foot operated button to avoid having to bend down. Adjustable Turbo button: regulation of the power of the new engine of last generation ECO-DE®. Easy to transport, ergonomic, lightweight