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ABSOLUT CARBON WINCLEAN ECO-DE® has maximum power programs, 3 cleaning programs,
3 safety systems, AutoStop System, Automatic glass cleaner allows you to clean
Efficient and fully automated of all glazed surfaces in your home, commercial premises, etc.
Get a perfect finish on all types of windows with total comfort, saving time and money.
Automatically clean at the push of a button keeping it completely vertical thanks
to its powerful suction motor.
All this in an ultrasilent way with its patented system.
Calculate the ideal cleaning path to cover the entire surface in the shortest possible time.
We just have to place the robot in the position to which we have easier access and select from
the control knob the proper cleaning mode.
The glass cleaner robot detects the edges of the surface to be cleaned and calculates the path to follow.
The cleaning programs available are the following:
Robot in large window top left.
Robot in large window top right.
Robot in large window below.
It is suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces, such as glass of any thickness,
bathroom screens, glazed doors, tiles, smooth surfaces and all kinds of windows,
both interior and exterior. The most comfortable, advanced and innovative solution for integral cleaning.
- ABSOLUT CARBON WINCLEAN intelligent glass cleaner robot
12 microfiber cleaning cloths.
1 safety rope
Control command.
Power adapter.
1 power cable