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ECO-442 Titanmix Essential Hand Blender

opción por defecto - €50.00

ECODE Warranty: All parts that are in
Food contact comply with regulations
strictest in the EU: LFGB, REACH, DGCCRF, SCCP,
PAHS in addition to Rohs and CE. BPA free.
ECODE design finished in anthracite gray and
White keypad. 21 cm stainless steel foot,
Tubular One shape anti splash. Light and easy
to use Dress your kitchen with Spanish Design.
Easy Clean System: your stainless steel rod
304 of 21 cms is disassembled with a simple gesture,
and it can be easily washed in the dishwasher.
600 ml measuring cup, to prepare all kinds
of mixtures and recipes. Titanmix Essentials you
allow to crush, beat, emulsify, chop all kinds
of food thanks to its two large blades
of Titaneo with double edge. This design allows
get speeds of up to 14,000 Rpm.
ECOmotor: With 600 watts of power
works like other blenders of greater power
publicized We also generate a discount
in its weight of more than 100 grams, in this way
attached to its ergonomic grip the use of the
Titanmix blender does not generate any fatigue.