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ECO-445 Titanmix Evolution Hand Blender

opción por defecto - €65.00

ECODE Warranty: All parts that are in
Food contact comply with regulations
strictest in the EU: LFGB, REACH, DGCCRF, SCCP,
PAHS in addition to Rohs and CE. BPA free.
ECODE Design structure in Anthracite Gray and Button Panel
Black embedded in Chromo. Finished in
Stainless Steel 304 S / S; Clean toilet,
With anti corrosive properties.
21 cm stainless steel foot, anti Tubular One shape
splashes Light and easy to use. Dress your kitchen
with Spanish Design.
ECOMOTOR: With 800 watts of power it works
like other blenders of greater power advertised.
We also generate a reduction in your weight of
more than 110 grams, thus attached to its handle
Ergonomic use of the Titanmix Blender
Evolution does not generate any fatigue even
After a long time of use. Regulation by
21-speed electronic control (Including
maximum speed in Turbo). Its speed varies from
500 to 15000 Rpm allowing you to adjust to each
Food and get the perfect texture.