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ECO-448 Titanmix Pro Hand Blender

opción por defecto - €60.00

ECODE Warranty: All parts that are in
Food contact comply with regulations
strictest in the EU: LFGB, REACH, DGCCRF, SCCP,
PAHS in addition to Rohs and CE. BPA free.
ECODE Design structure in Soft Anthracite Gray
Gray Touch improving grip and the feeling of
perceived quality, black keypad embedded in
Chromo. 304 Stainless Steel Finish S / S; Hygienic
Clean, with anti corrosive properties.
21 cm steel foot in stainless steel. Light and easy
to use Dress your kitchen with Spanish Design.
ECOMOTOR: With 1050 watts of power it works
like other blenders of greater power advertised.
We also generate a reduction in your weight of
more than 150 grams, thus attached to its handle
Ergonomic use of the Titanmix Blender
Evolution does not generate any fatigue even
After a long time of use. Regulation by
21-speed electronic control (Including
maximum speed in Turbo). Its speed varies from
500 to 16000 Rpm allowing to adjust to each
Food and get the perfect texture.