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ECO-480 Batidora Americana De Vaso Digital “Titanblade Pro”,

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ECODE DESIGN: Stainless Steel Finish
"Chrome Bronze", keypad contour led in
Red. And Triple Botonera Bottom with contour in
Red Led 100% Spanish design.
A blender that will not be stored in a closet,
he will leave her in his kitchen making this a
most beautiful and practical place.
ECOMOTOR: 1250 Watts, with electronic control
speed, our engine has a better
performance and lower consumption than most engines
powerful other brands. Refrigeration system
internal engine Guarantees continuous power and
stable. Electronic speed control by
your comfortable Led backlit thread
Blades with 6 Blades Titaneo Coating
with Sierra: Professional results since
They generate a cyclonic effect.
2 side blades with saw, 2 center blades
with cutting edge and 2 lower blades.
They are removable and washable even in Dishwasher.

Turbo: Maximum Power for a few seconds,
With automatic stops. It is scheduled for
that each time the operating periods are
longer. This program allows us to have a
visual control of the shaking or crushing process and of
this way to stop when we consider that
We have made the recipe correctly.
SMOOTHIE Prepare delicious banana smoothies
with mango, melon with strawberries, avocado mango tea
Green, Blueberries and Greek Yogurt, Banana and fruits
Base of the blender “Titanblade Pro” in its base has
4-rubber vacuum effect, so that stability
of it and security are always guaranteed.
Its base has perfectly grooves
designed for maximum aeration of your engine.
There are no overheating or lowering of
performance. Guaranteed Quality ECODE.
Security Lock Control: maximum security with
engine lock if the jar is not perfectly
placed. Triple system.
Thermosecur Crystal Jug: graduated in 1750 ml
1890 oz. Its tempered heat-resistant glass guarantees you
Maximum security Top cover with closure
safety to avoid possible splashes.
And 40 ml measuring cup. It serves as a top cap and
allows you to enter food even if the blender
Be on the go
Prepare fantastic breakfasts in the morning
DETOX, ask us for our available recipe book
only for customers with fantastic recipes, breakfasts
Complete detoxifiers, Accompanied meals
of fantastic gazpachos, smoothies with yogurt
for the little ones at snack time,
And delicious creams for dinner.