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Imagen principal de Massage bathtub ECO-DE®, Mod: Sevilla ECO-8503 170x90x57 cm

Massage bathtub ECO-DE®, Mod: Sevilla ECO-8503 170x90x57 cm

opción por defecto - €2,999.00

The Sevilla Full new whirlpool bath will give to your bathroom the elegance touch you are looking for. It is the only one in the market with such a spectacular design!!

ECO-DE® whirlpool baths have the best existing system in the market of relaxation. Hydrotherapy benefits are numerous including:

Hydrotherapy is known for its properties to improve health, and this bathtub is designed for the body to fit perfectly in it. To ensure that the hydrotherapy is more efficient, the ECO-DE whirlpool bath has a series of jets massages inside the bathtub at strategic points.


Included accessories:

- TOUCHED LCD RADIO: Radio, Volume, Radio station switch, 10 memories, LED underwater light switch, Blue outside chromo therapy.

-Child block function

-1, 5 HP water pump

- 0, 5 Hp air pump

- Massage and flow system (air/water)

- Possibility of adding air through the air adjuster to the extra large water jets.

-2 Pillows


-Triple luxury faucet

                1-hot water faucet

                2-cold water faucet

                3-Diverter faucet: circuit selection (hand shower or curved faucet)

-Automatic drain

-Hand shower with flexible hose of 1,5m

-3 different spray settings (massage, rain, dew effect)

-Luxurious pipe for water filling

-Outlet switch for water tank

-Round air adjuster for extra large jets

(Water and air mixing)


-12 Air jets:

      -8 Air jets on the floor

      -2+2 Air jets lumbar (lower back) treatment for each user

-6 Water jets with air mixing regulation:

      -1+1 Water jets for dorsal treatment

      -4 Water jets (one in each corner)


- Front and double side (right & left) structure

- Reinforced acrylic in white colour, 7-13 mm thickness

- Iron structure, adjustable legs

-Water resistant degree –Ipx4

-Voltage: 220V-230V

-Iso-norm. 9001:2000, CE and TUV approved


-Weight: 95 Kg

-Water Capacity: 210L

-Measures: 170x90x57cm



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