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The spinning bike ECO-DE ® offers a complete workout that improves cardiovascular and respiratory system, burns calories, removes fat, increases muscle tone and helps to maintain heart beat steadily. In addition to an emotional benefit (helps to combat stress), improves metabolism and strengthens the muscles of the hips, buttocks, legs and calves.

The spinning is considered a full aerobic and cardiovascular exercise.

All spinning bikes have some sort of braking in order to increase the resistance of the movement of the flywheel.

These resistors are usually shoe and pressure. In this model the resistance control is done by means of a screw which regulates the strength of the resistance that takes place on the inertia wheel of 21 kg steel and chrome finish.

Its LCD panel, belt drive and sprocket, the braking system of competition, triathlon handlebars, seat and height adjustable in length for added convenience. Free wheel system, aluminium pedals with foot strap and bottle of water included. It also incorporates stabilizers and wheels for easy movement.

Maximum User Weight: 140 kg


LCD Screen Features:

SCAN: Automatically scans through each function.

TIME: sample over time for entertainment.

SPEED: Displays current training speed.

DISTANCE: Displays the distance covered during training accounted for.

CALORIES: Shows the total calories consumed during training.

ODO: Displays total accumulated distance during all workouts.



 -Dimensions: (105/125 adjustable seat) x 49 x 105/125cm (adjustable handlebars)  / 48 kg

- Packaging: 110 x19, 5 x 82 cm 48 Kg

- Flywheel weight: 21 Kg.

- Maximum weight authorised: 140 kg

- Domestic use

- 2 years guarantee